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10-Pack Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catchers

10-Pack Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catchers

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🌟 Product Features:

  • Optimal Size: Each hair catcher measures 10cm x 10cm, perfectly sized to fit a wide range of drains.

  • Efficient Filtration: Featuring a precision-engineered 0.55mm hole size, our updated disposable hair catchers not only trap hair 🧑‍🦱 but also allow water to drain quickly and efficiently, preventing the common problems associated with slower draining catchers.

  • Superior Adhesion: Equipped with a robust, waterproof adhesive 💦, this hair catcher adheres securely to any clean, dry surface. Our extensive testing ensures that it surpasses conventional models in durability and effectiveness, staying in place for 2-3 weeks or as needed.

  • Convenience at Its Best: Save precious time and avoid the hassle of unclogging drains. Just place the hair catcher over your drain, and it will capture all the hair before it can cause any blockages. It's perfect for human and pet use 🐕, recommended to replace after bathing pets to maintain optimal cleanliness.

  • Packaging: Comes in a practical pack of 10 pieces, ensuring you have a fresh supply ready for use whenever needed.


👍 Easy to Use: Installation is a breeze—ensure your drain surface is dry and clean, stick the hair catcher in place, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your drains are protected.

Say goodbye to clogged drains and hello to hassle-free showers with NoEnName_Null Disposable Hair Catchers. Invest in your home's cleanliness today! ✨

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Monserrate Zemlak

They stick very well on the floor, it does its function very well

Luz Cummings

Excellent item

Nona Raynor

Same as the photo.

Cullen Botsford

Works well

Antonio McCullough

10-Pack Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catchers